Flashback Wednesdays with KMB Tax Services…

It all started with a conversation with Karen and Tyrone Yates.  I asked them why they were paying such exorbitant fees going to a franchise tax preparation company.  I was surprised to find out that with a little preparation and patience, they would be able to keep more of the money that they earned.  They became my first tax clients.

I quickly realized that I enjoyed educating people about taxes. I enjoyed working with people like Karen and Tyrone.  I was able to give them more options and they were able to make better financial decisions.  A few hundred extra dollars made a tremendous difference in their budget.

They encouraged me to pursue this career.  Their friend became my clients.  I had a dozen clients by the end of that year.  Karen and Tyrone put a lot of faith and me and I was not going to let them down.  I

Beyond that, I developed a passion for the business.  My clients faced tax day with fear and confusion.  I pilot the boat and guide them safely to shore.  I take pride in my customer service.  I earn their trust.  This business provides the opportunity for me to continue to help people.  That gives me purpose.  I treat every client like Karen and Tyrone. I hope I make them proud.

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