What Our Clients are Saying about Us…

Throughout the years, Mrs. Khristina Barnes has been a lifesaver in making sure my business is on the cutting edge when it pertains to filing our taxes, educating us regarding the new federal and state tax laws, and providing support as we continue to grow and update how we do business. Mrs. Khristina Barnes is a great individual to work with and will support you through any inquiries and concerns. It is great to do business with a professional!

Lajoya C. BabyCamp PA

Khristina Barnes of KMB Tax Services has been my accountant and trusted advisor for the past 15 years. Her professionalism and depth of knowledge is only surpassed by her empathy and compassion for her clients. In difficult financial times as these, you need to have a some who is more than just an accountant or tax preparer. You need to have a person who understands your individual and business situation and advise you accordingly. That is why Khristina is my accountant, and why I trust her with my business and personal tax and accounting needs.

Charron Monaye, Founder of Pen Legacy www.penlegacy.com

I really needed help with my taxes and received Khristina’s information from a mutual friend. She is knowledgeable, friendly, and fast. She got all my tax information and went to work! She explained my taxes to me in detail. She also gave me suggestions about what I should do this year in preparation for next year’s taxes. I will definitely use her services in the future.

Lauren Tudor

I came to know Khristina because I was in dire need to understand why I was getting a refund and then a penalty the same amount as my refund for 3 years straight. She reviewed my taxes for 4 years! Not only did Khristina get my taxes straightened out, she helped to educate me to be able to get off the ground running with my business. Now, I recommend EVERYONE to her. She’s fair, thorough and most of all honest with you. I’m so happy she has her book out, now I can have what I need at my fingertips.

Monique Henderson Phoenixville, PA